Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Well hello there!

Its been awhile since we have had a blog. But I thought seeing we have bought a onsite caravan down at Batemans bay, John and I thought we would start up a new blog.

How did this happen? lol well we are asking the same question. We were content with cruising and now we are the proud owners of a onsite van. We swore we would never caravan again. But here we are again lol.

We went and visited our very good friends down at the caravan park last weekend. I (Taz) was in a very grumpy mood. I really just wanted to stay home and veg on the lounge. ( I'm a activities officer and had a very busy week with Christmas events) but JohnBoy and the Jones's insisted  that we should come down  for the weekend. So off we went on Saturday morning, yes I was grumbling the whole way. Any how we got there and had to pop in to the shops. I forgot how much I love Batemans bay shopping Centre. It felt like I was home I was relaxing!

Any how we were having a amazing time spending quality time with the Jones's. It was nice to catch up and just remember how much we love having them in our life. We hung out with the kangas. John had a bit too much to drink and thought he was one and was jumping around and sharing a patch of grass with them lol

There was a family with a baby

We fed the parrots that were around as well

And hung out on the beach

Any how we fell in love and then Jayne stated that there was a van 2 doors down for sale and we should look at it ( I was ready to kill her lol) Thanks Jayne!!!

I was so in love... My head was spinning with decorating ideas it was perfect.  John didn't need his arm twisted much neither he was in love too.

I cant wait to spend more time down there with the kids. The only down side is the are not pet friendly. But there is a Doggy motel up the road so may be Darien can have a holiday there!

So now the fun begins. The reno...  Stay tune for updates :)

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